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JeeCee was founded by Jacques Caluwé Sr. who travelled around the world to learn new and multiple therapies in order to help his patients and athletes as good as possible.

At JeeCee Center, we look at the cause of the problem, not only the symptoms.
We see the patient as a whole of 4 parts who communicate with each other. 1st part is the structure; muscles, joints, tendon, ligaments. The 2nd part is biochemical; healthy food, water. The 3rd part is mental & emotional. Last but not least is the energetic part. In order to achieve the best possible results on long term we are looking at these 4 parts.


Personalized patient care is what sets JeeCee Center apart. When you visit our location you can expect to receive world class care. Expert specialists and caring staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

JeeCee Center


The cornerstone of our treatment.


The B-E-St  or Bio – Energy – Stimulation appliance is a technological tour de force using the injury-current or Bio – Stimulation current. By the emission of the very low strength current, B-E-St succeeds in raising the level of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the converted energy from foodstuffs – in our body by no less than 500 – 800%.

The energy source ATP is the chemical basis of all living cells. It is essential for all physiological processes which use energy, such as movement, blood circulation, temperature regulation, the cleansing of the blood, breathing, mental effort, growth, cell renewal, the healing process after sickness and injury, etc. By raising the level of ATP, pain is quickly relieved and recovery from injuries is rapid. This form of current makes it possible to reactivate damaged cells; by using the organ’s own frequency as a sort of reminder to help specific cells return to normal so that the organ functions better.

The B-E-St appliance has its own website which you can visit by clicking the button below.

Our Services

We cover a big variety of physiotherapy services

individualised treatment plan

With Specialists Care

Accurate Results

JeeCee Center covers a variety of services such as Sports Physiotherapy, Sensopro, Acupuncture, Manual Therapy, Perinatal Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Respiratory and Cardiac Physiotherapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Kinesio Taping, Vibrating Platform X-vibe. The centre includes also a sauna and plunge pool and a fully equipped gym.

Working Hours

MONDAY 08:00-20:00
TUESDAY 08:00-20:00
WEDNESDAY 08:00-20:00
THURSDAY 08:00-12:00
FRIDAY 08:00-20:00
SATURDAY 08:00-13:00
SUNDAY closed

Fees & Insurance

For the convenience of our clients the JeeCee Center provides direct insurance billing with all the major international insurance providers and assistance companies.


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